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Looking for a fun and exciting place to celebrate your bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, sweet sixteen, project graduation, school party or any special occasion?  Enjoy tennis, aquatic games, group exercise classes, rock climbing, zip lines, basketball, virtual reality as well as a host of other activities all under the supervision of trained professionals at LifePlex.

Contact member services and ask for Jenny Mason.

Dear LifePlex Management,

I feel compelled to write a letter to you as one of the owners of LifePlex, to

convey how very special your staff is. We are Michael’s grandparents and have been raising him since he was born. We decided on LifePlex because we did not have enough people for a catering hall. Michael goes to Reuben Gittelman Hebrew Day School, so needless to say, he has been going to a bar mitzvah virtually every weekend. He does not particularly like sports, he is basically very artsy, so we took LifePlex with much trepidation.

We met with Jenny Mason, and immediately felt better. But nothing prepared us

for the evening that we wanted to be so special for our grandchild, as well as his friends.

Jenny arranged the evening from start to finish. She is truly a remarkable

person. Her staff was so accommodating, leaving us to really enjoy our friends and family that we invited. Your staff did everything, even loaded the car with leftover food. One staff member even loaned her sneakers to a child that forgot hers. I really cannot put into words except to tell you, all the children said it was the most fun, especially Michael who said it was the best bar mitzvah he had been to. One of the parents during the week after the affair met my husband at school, and told him that her twins had so much fun, she didn’t know why she was having their bar and bat mitzvahs in a catering hall.

I have been telling everyone how great it was. But I really wanted you to know

how very special Jenny Mason is, and the staff that she picked, I can’t thank them enough.


Barry and Beverly