Tennis Parties

Enjoy a tennis party at LifePlex! Private use of Lifeplex Tennis courts for 3 hours. Price:$499


Open Time Courts
If a court is booked for the purpose of open time - whether it is for a lesson or not - and the court is cancelled less than one week prior to the scheduled day of play, the players will be held responsible for the court fee (unless we are able to resell the time) and the pro’s fee and/or they may be required to prepay for future court bookings.

Seasonal & Prepaid Lesson Courts
If a seasonal or prepaid lesson court is cancelled and we are able to resell the time, the player will be given a make-up. However, if the court is not resold, no make-up will be given and the client will still be responsible for the pro’s fee. In addition, seasonal and prepaid courts may not be moved to another time.

Please see the Tennis Brochure
 for all rules and regulations

Open Time Rates

Open time rates are seasonal and vary depending on the day and time the court is reserved for. Contact the tennis office for specific court pricing. Special Student and Happy Hours rates are available(days and times vary).

Tennis Evaluations

Whether you’re looking to improve your game with one of our Tennis Professionals, play in a leagu...

 All ages can be evaluated for any LifePlex Tennis program.For further information on evaluations please contact Meryl in the tennis office @ extension 112.

 JUNIOR DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS 2013-2014 program information Contact :

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